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The Bidness 144

DOWNLOAD, rate, & discuss The Bidness sets here. ALL MIXES ARE FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY, NOT FOR SALE Please support the artists and labels by purchasing their work either as CD, Vinyl, and/or Digital releases.

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The Bidness 144

Postby LRCN » Wed May 10, 2017 1:40 pm

Download HERE!


01. Ramsey Westwood - Twilight [Freegrant Music]
02. Max Freegrant - Titans [Freegrant]
03. Max Freegrant - Ice & Fire [Freegrant]
04. Max Freegrant - Ronin [Freegrant]
05. Anthony Skybrand - Julia [Azure Recordings]
06. Nima van Ghavim - Zenith [Big Toys Production]
07. Max Freegrant - A Million Smiles [Freegrant Music]
08. Nima van Ghavim - Vimana [Big Toys Production]
09. Mahaputra - Chakra [Azure Recordings]
10. Max Freegrant - Sands Of Time [Freegrant Music]
11. Amst - Ilex Kaa [Freegrant Music]
12. Max Freegrant - Wonderful Life [Freegrant Music]
13. Max Freegrant - Echo [Freegrant Music]
14. Rad Ma - Stuck In The F# [Azure Recordings]
15. Luis Gonzalez - Ethereal (Steven De Sar Remix) [Freegrant Music]
16. Resistance - My Way [Melancholy Records]
17. Katrin Souza - Trueno [Sunstate Records]

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